Creamy Poppy Centre

Creamy Poppy Center

Creamy Poppy Center

Magic in moments of deep breathing and we see things we would otherwise march right on by blindered by the blinkers of our own hurried harnesses.  Slow down, focus and the most fabulous of efficiencies has a chance to occur, we get more of meaning done.  And on one of those moments the first golden hearted California Poppy cross opened up, in the bulldozed construction rubble. The sun kissed it at the moment I took a deep breath and let it settle deep inside with warmth of spring possibilities and we all danced together to bird songs and so this picture is here. 

This special California Poppy flower grew up in the flowing feet of our studio deep in the Blue Oak dell in broken chunks of clay stone.  And the magic of the light came in a shot of eternity and never did it flower exactly the same again, but its genetics live on in the bee pollen spread of golden possibilities, if it can do clay stone so beautifully as this it can continue to flower in the future. 

This spring, I will once again pause to prowl the poppies and see what this years crosses bring to light and try to remember to celebrate the efficiency of slowing down to bring meaning forth.  This poppy was lit for a flash and then the moment was gone except for our camera eye. And, I almost marched right on by its momentary gift of an eternity of light to guide us to the gifts we are blessed with all around.  Often people ask what is the value in flowers?  Of the many values one of the most powerful values of flowers is in inspiration to rise again and again and blossom in adversity, and make the most of what gifts we do receive.

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